Insurance and Financial Planning Since 1990

William (Bill) Green, CFP, FMA, CFDS, CIM

Bill offers easy to understand financial second opinions, along with personalized Insurance solutions, including, Life, Disability, Long Term Care, and Critical Illness for both individuals and business owners as well he offers insured and guaranteed investments along with income solutions. Bill specializes in wealth preservation, tax minimization and reducing or eliminating “the success tax”. His book "The Success Tax Shuffle" is now available for purchase. Learn how to Dis-inherit Revenue Canada, by following the simple step by step examples in “The Success Tax Shuffle”

Are you under insured? Are you over insured? How will you or your family be able to pay your bills if something happens to your income? Do you have the right insurance in place? Are you paying to much for the coverage that you have? Is the coverage that you have what you need? How are your investments really doing? Are your investments really suited for you? Are your investments safe? Are your investments protected from creditors? These are just a few of the questions that Bill Green can help you answer.

Bill also offers hourly fee only financial planning and insurance advice - For more information please visit "".

Bill is available for speaking engagements and seminar bookings - For more information please visit "Hosting a Success Tax Shuffle Seminar".

Bill provides independent hourly financial planning and investment related advice. For clients looking for specific investment adivce, he will refer you to one of the investments advisors that he works with to handle your investments. 

Bill is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Financial Management Advisor(FMA), and a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS). He holds his Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) designation, and he is a member of the Nazrudin project, an international advisory think-tank. Bill has over 29 years’ experience in the financial services industry and has worked for both small and large firms and with a large Canadian bank brokerage and their retail banking division.

Like his website Bill believes in the KISS principle and he provides simple easy to understand plain English solutions and advice. For a free review of your insurance or investment needs please feel free to contact him anytime. Bill divides his time between Muskoka (Ontario) and the Comubia Vallley, (British Columbia) and when he is not on the ski hill or out on the river he can frequently been found working away on his computer in an Airport Terminal.

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